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Website Design and Maintenance

Website Design comes first and then the maintenance. Keeping your website up-to-date with new content and adding new content often is very important. Visitors like to see something new when they visit your site. Having a webmaster who is dependable and efficient is what I offer.

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media are also important - Please see my information on these two subjects! If you would like me to analyze your site or hire me as a consultant, please contact me today!


Examples -
Image Effects, Galleries, Slideshows

There are many ways to display images. Each example may have options to customize it for your site. Check out the examples and let me know if you have any questions.

Example of "Conveyor Belt" by Dynamic Drive

Example of a Lightbox Gallery - Image Slideshow

Example of a Flexi Slideshow by Dynamic Drive - Image Slideshow

Example of Swapping Images on click or mouse over.

Example of Fancy Box Gallery - Different Effects

Example of Mouse Over with Description - Image Thumbnail Viewer II by Dynamic Drive

Click on this sentence to see an example of a Pop-Up box on "click". Can be used for some text or an image


What I offer my clients -

- Maintainence of content and images in a timely manner.

- Improving navigation problems.

- Preparing images,

- Changing the look of the site - color, format, etc..

- I am dependable and reachable!




Rates - Please contact me for my rates.

E-Mail - KarenEzell@KarenEzell.com





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